Will Benedict / Julie Verhoeven
Bread & Butt
May 11th 2012 – Jun 16th 2012

Exhibition Text

Meyer Kainer is pleased to present the first in a series of collaborations by artist/curator Will Benedict and artist/designer Julie Verhoeven. Replicating the bones of a restaurant Benedict and Verhoeven have elaborated upon Benedict’s „Bonjour Tourist“ series with illustrative additions by Julie Verhoeven renaming the series „Hello Tourist“ due to Verhoeven’s unrepentent Englishness. Julie Verhoeven has designed a series of table settings with details of Benedict’s 1:1 scale photos from the „Bonjour Tourist“ series. There will be a performance featuring Salvatore Viviano, Ali Janka, Michele Pagel, Kamilla Bischof, Christian Egger and Lisa Jo and a soundtrack of Charles Kay reading E.M. Forster’s „The Panic“.